What is the Healthiest Diet to Follow? - An Expert's Perspective

Doctors highly recommend all three diets due to their known health benefits. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most nutritious diets in the world, and it is abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and olive oil. It also contains lean protein sources from fish and poultry instead of red meat. Red wine is consumed regularly, but in moderate quantities.

The Mediterranean diet suggests filling the plate with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes, with moderate portions of fish and seafood for protein. The popular ketogenic diet, along with the modified ketogenic diet, ranked 20th out of 24 diets, followed by Atkins, SlimFast, and Optavia. What is considered an “easy diet” will vary from person to person. It is best to talk to your doctor about which eating plan would be easiest for you to follow depending on your available resources such as cooking skills, budget, and accessibility.

It is also wise to consider your diet history including what has worked for you and what hasn't and why. Staying physically active and focusing on beverages such as water, coffee or tea rather than sugary drinks or an excess of dairy products also contributes to a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle. To get the most out of the Mayr experience, you have to go to an expensive clinic in Austria so it's best to follow a plant-based diet and remember to eat without distractions says dietician Amy Gorin M. If you're watching your diet and worried that there's barely a vegetable in sight this is the perfect opportunity to eat more vegetables.

Whether it's cooking with olive oil incorporating more whole grains into your meals or savoring every bite there are plenty of ways to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into your life. In the category of best diet for weight loss (in the long term) WW (formerly called Weight Watchers) came in first place with DASH and TLC tied for second. For those who want to take advantage of the benefits of a plant-based eating plan but don't yet feel like they can or want to commit to leaving that piece of bacon at brunch the flexitarian diet could be a good option. People who follow this diet are also encouraged to limit “bad carbohydrates” such as refined carbohydrates sugar white flour and white rice and to focus on healthy fats from fish oil nuts and seeds along with plant-based proteins such as egg whites tofu beans and legumes according to the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine website.

The DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and the flexitarian diet which encourages vegetarianism most of the time but is flexible enough to allow a hamburger from time to time. The diet includes simple plant-based cooking and most of each meal focuses on fruits and vegetables whole grains beans and seeds with some nuts and a strong emphasis on extra virgin olive oil.