What is a meal with all 5 food groups?

These Hawaiian skewers are a fun example of creating a balanced meal and include foods from all five major food groups. Chicken is the protein, pineapple is the fruit, peppers and tomatoes are the vegetable, rice is the grain and the milk to drink is dairy. Combining everything together is the fun part. Each healthy dinner includes all five food groups, or suggestions for including each food group on your plate and, at the same time, following a 2,000-calorie diet.

Serve a serving of this healthy casserole with a fruit garnish to include all five food groups for a complete meal. Thanks to a delicious breadcrumb topping, this one-pan dinner with pork, fruits and vegetables covers four food groups. A base of delicious homemade pizza dough topped with lots of cheese and meatballs eliminates three food groups at once. Each dinner idea includes several food groups and suggestions for foods to serve in each recipe to include all five food groups.

Serve your portion with a fresh salad of diced Romaine lettuce, grapes, and tangerines drizzled with vinaigrette to complete the meal.