Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Fortunately, most places are quite adaptable to dietary restrictions. One way to know if attendees have dietary restrictions is to research on. They just need to know in advance. Tracy Stuckrath is the president and director of connections for Thrive Meetings & Events, a seven-year-old consultant that focuses on helping planners, organizations and establishments create healthier and greener menus and events.

After working as an event producer for 20 years, Stuckrath drew on her own experience with food allergies to launch her company; she now travels the world educating and training event professionals and catering companies. Their job involves working with a catering service to order a good food option for each employee while adapting to their dietary restrictions. When you want to plan an event where your guests will have a delicious meal that fits their dietary restrictions, call Word of Mouth Foods. If you don't personally have dietary restrictions, you might not know where to start when planning a party menu that fits everyone.

Whether an attendee has a food allergy, cares about their health, or firmly defends their personal or religious beliefs about how food should be prepared, creating a menu that fits everyone can be a headache. When all else fails, a salad bar is always a good option for people with dietary restrictions. If you are having several people at your event and you can't ask each of the guests about their food allergies and preferences, the next best solution would be to create a menu that easily adapts to most diets.